New customer interfaces

New technologies open up new vistas

Over time customer interfaces have become more and more diverse. The further development of the software and devices not only creates new ways for triggering and processing payments. Instead the new interfaces open exciting new options for the customer communication as well. What used to be a means to an end became the new tool for a good positioning on the market.

Thanks to the technical progress, the devices on the customer side have become more mobile and flexible and the systems on the bank side have become more efficient. Nowadays the mobile banking apps offer the customer the absolute freedom of handling their bank transactions anytime around the world. Soon there will be the advancement in machine-to-machine payments, which run fully automated and do not burden your accounting.

The possibilities for placing orders at the financial institution and releasing them will soon change drastically. Apart from the known mobileTAN or photoTAN procedures, for example, the use of virtual assistants will be introduced.

Strategically applied, well-orchestrated customer interfaces can do even more than processing orders and providing account statements: providers can set themselves apart from the competition with well-handled customer data by offering attractive supplementary services. From the thematic classification of past expenses to personalised investment recommendations, a number of diverse additional services are possible.

Our experienced consultants support you in the optimal use of your interfaces’ potential without losing sight of the complex regulatory requirements.  

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