Mass payments and electronic banking

The future of payments is exciting. Have you mastered the basics?

The developments in the world of FinTechs are decidedly more exciting than traditional online banking. Still, at the heart of the payments world there are mass payments – and mastering these is effectively the ultimate challenge. With them, on each single business day orders amounting to several billion euros are executed. For that sheer dimension alone, particular importance is put on mass payments.

Customers that use mass payments expect that they can execute their transactions with modern online banking systems that meet all of their requirements. Many users are content with the standards such as an overview of their account statements and the execution of SEPA payments. Others, however, expect much more sophisticated features like online brokerage and more.

Whether occasional or professional user does not make a difference when it comes to the same high requirements for the functionality, security, data quality and transaction processing that all customer groups have in common. Hence, solutions beyond the desktop application have become indispensable. Customers are mobile and want to access their accounts and execute their orders anytime and regardless of location. As a provider you meet these requirements with the respective software, special portals or banking apps.

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Identifying and exploiting new potential: learn more in our white paper "Banks position themselves as identity providers"

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Training courses put together individually for you

Our payment transaction seminars and individual trainings are aimed at employees in the payment transactions, organisation, auditing and IT divisions, at customer advisors in the private and corporate customer business and at specialists and managers.

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