EBICS Portal

Connecting EBICS customers

The first goal of EBICS was to establish a common basis for the communication with corporate customers. By now, the diversity among the respective customer applications has grown significantly and requires extensive individual adaptations. Financial institutions can considerably reduce the efforts required for this by offering a uniform EBICS portal to their corporate customers. An EBICS portal ensures that all participants use the current version of EBICS. In addition, it guarantees downward compatibility.

Individual adaptations for corporate customers are therefore a thing of the past.

The following criteria should be considered when selecting a modern EBICS portal:

  • Features and design fit your financial institution
  • Secure operation and access, ideally PSD2-compliant, support of EBICS signatures in the browser
  • Display of all important account information, bookings and interim transactions
  • Execution of national and international payments (ISO, EPC, DK, SIX, CFONB, Stuzza)
  • Further order types are freely configurable without product adjustments
  • National and cross-border multibank-capability
  • Inbox for electronic customer documents
  • Support of distributed signatures
  • Collection of local signatures, import and modification of available payment files
  • Upload and download of any files for and by the financial institution
  • Validation of the payment files’ syntactic correctness
  • Free definition of roles and rights, representation of internal organisation structures
  • Integration into existing portals
  • Support of mobile devices for a login and the release of payments
Michael Lembcke


Michael Lembcke
Leading Product-Manager

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Jeannine Ster


Jeannine Ster
Sales Manager for Payments Products

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