TRAVIC-Payment Hub for individual payments

Easy future-oriented handling of complex individual payments processes

Financial institutions have to face the challenge of preparing the information exchange with different market participants for the migration from TARGET2 and EBA Euro1/Step1 to the ISO-20022 standard. At the same time, they are confronted with a rising cost pressure and the demand for a more transparent cross-border payments execution. Reason enough to compare existing solutions to the possibilities of new and modern applications for individual payments!


With TRAVIC-Payment Hub the PPI AG presents the latest solution for the core processing of European payments. With the European large-value payments systems the integrated solution for cross-border payments is nearing completion!


The clearing solution was designed as a hub that realises uniform processes for all relevant payment channels (own customers, clearing systems or correspondents) and considers the required differentiation between in- and outbound payments and the forwarding of payments.


Flexible application scenarios allow you to employ the TRAVIC-Payment Hub either as a complete payments system or as “only” a clearing bank for the connection of existing customer bank systems or external banks.

TRAVIC-Payment Hub Cross-Border and High-Value Payments

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The TRAVIC-Payment Hub is based on the ISO-20022 format and is therefore optimally prepared for the challenges of the TARGET2 MX migration.

  • Configurable connection of all relevant interfaces
  • Individual workflows for each client
  • Fully-automated receipt allocation and processing of ACK/NAK, MT012/MT019, overdraft, embargo and others
  • Rule-based account assignment for payments and messages (MT900/MT910)
  • Return processes, generation of requested return format with two clicks
  • Currently in development is a bridge to the SEPA mass payments system 
    • Acceptance of urgent orders from the SEPA clearing bank
    • Submission of SEPA-capable orders to the SEPA clearing bank
  • Teamwork support via routing slips and the pausing of payments
  • Individual start page with the user-specific display of current to-dos
  • Mass changes via multiple selection
  • Linking of all operations to one transactio
  • Excel and CSV export functions from all overviews and detailed windows
  • Complex route control with the Payment Navigator
  • Generation and matching of cover messages
  • Comprehensive conditions for correspondents and customers
    • Individually configured customer products
    • Fees
    • Settlement modalities
    • Cut-off & value date rules
  • Notification & forwarding rules
  • Exchange rate addition with variable workflows
Bernhard Walter


Bernhard Walter
Head of Sales for Payment Products

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Thomas Riedel


Thomas Riedel
Leading Product-Manager

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