Modern IT architecture

Set your payments on the course of modern data management

To meet the growing customer requirements, keep up with technology and that way stay competitive, financial service providers need a modern IT architecture with flexible applications. Often the existing infrastructures are not designed to meet these requirements. They lack, for example, a multi- or omnichannel capability or they reach their limits on the system side because they cannot handle the data volume.

The IT architecture of many financial institutions oftentimes is still tailored to the comparatively slow bank-internal processes and structures of the past. Multiple factors such as regulations (PSD2), technological developments or the introduction of instant payments impact the performance. As a consequence this negatively affects the processing speed or the processing of orders from different input channels. Despite regular adaptions and improvements, due to the increasing complexity the architecture meets the limits of its capacity and performance.

The consultant of PPI help you to thoroughly review your IT architecture for payments and, if necessary, plan and implements solutions for an innovative replacement.

Michael Titsch


Michael Titsch
Managing Consultant

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