Instant Payments

SEPA payments even faster

Instant payments are a global topic that is fundamentally changing the payments sector and a driving force for innovative payment methods. With SEPA instant payments they are now also finding their way into the European payments market.

While some countries have already established methods that offer intra-daily payments for all their customer groups, until now the major economic regions tended to use more traditional payment methods. While the SEPA regulation significantly standardised European payments, at that time the focus was not on the execution speed of the transactions. This is changing with the introduction of SEPA instant payments.

Thanks to SEPA instant payments you can execute credit transfers anytime 365 days a year. Within a matter of seconds the recipient has the money at his disposal and the payment is final. This method, which is available to all customer groups, marks an important advancement that fulfills the requirements of an increasingly faster economy and the digitisation of commerce.

Challenging implementation

Many aspects have to be considered when introducing a fundamentally new and transnational payment method. Apart from a seamless integration into existing processes and a matching business strategy for the introduction of new products, a focus also needs to lie on the on-going further development and interoperability.

Since SEPA instant payments can only be executed between customers of participating financial institutions, the new standard depends on network effects – after all, customers expect that the recipient of a payment can also receive said payment. The interest is strong: even though financial institutions are not yet obligated to support SEPA instant payments, many have already started the implementation.

Global IP

The long way to a global solution

Admittedly, not only in Europe are instant payments a current topic. However, there is still a long way to go for the conception of a global stringent solution. The implementation of existing systems into a standardised framework and the creation of a global connectivity will be some of the critical factors in the coming years.

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Instant payments products

Suitable solutions for complex challenges

In the midterm, SEPA instant payments will be established as the new standard for EU credit transfers. Both private and business customers of any size will profit from transactions that in the future are executed in a secure and fast way from the initial order to the executed instruction – virtually in real time.

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Seminars and trainings

Tailored to your individual needs

In the era of PSD2, blockchain, instant payments and SWIFT GPI, payments are regaining their central importance. Increasing complexity, customer-oriented solutions from FinTechs, and more intense market competition all intensify the need for specialist personnel. We have put together for you a comprehensive programme of training courses and seminars for a target-oriented personnel development and qualification.

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