EBICS-Kernel for client software

Standard API for EBICS communication

Software providers who focus on the development of corporate customer products for payments, cash management and account analysis require a communication access to the various financial institutions. For a long time, these were individual interfaces, thus each financial institution had to be connected individually. The EBICS protocol offers a new interface that has the potential to become a pan-European standard.

For software companies the question arises whether the development of an own complex solution for the EBICS protocol is profitable, given that standard components exist. Due to cost and time constraints it proves beneficial to concentrate on the own software’s technical features and handle the EBICS communication via a standard API.

The following questions should be considered when selecting an API for the EBICS communication:

  • Does the API match my system environment and programming language?
  • How present is the API on the market? Do a large number of licensees exist?
  • How much economic strength does the provider have? Can a long-term support be guaranteed?
  • Are the different national variants of EBICS (DK, CFONB, SIX) supported?
  • Can extensions be realised without a modification of the API itself?
  • Is a dependency on the manufacturer of the API acceptable?
Michael Lembcke


Michael Lembcke
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Jeannine Ster
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