EBICS Interbank

Set for expansion – changes in interbank payments

International payments clearing and the related communication with clearing houses is now also possible in accordance to the EBICS standard, as long as both partners support EBICS in the interbank communication. Thanks to special EBICS order types as well as encrypted and signed direct communication, payments can be transferred rapidly in public networks. This reduces costs in comparison to other network providers for both partners.

The following criteria should be considered when selecting a solution for EBICS-based interbank communication:

  • Wide-ranging support of individual IT infrastructures
  • Designed for large, average and low data volumes
  • Robust, stable operation in a fail-safe environment
  • Real 24/7/365 operation, capable of updates in the running system
  • Professional assistance, maintenance and support by the manufacturer
  • Compliance with special formats and their order types
  • Network-wide monitoring of all transfers, automatable error and alert behaviour
  • Interoperability with systems by other providers
  • Usable both for the communication with clearing houses and for the direct bilateral communication with other financial institutions
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Michael Lembcke
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Jeannine Ster
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