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Do you speak EBICS 3.0?

Evolution instead of revolution – this principle has been true for payment products since the first specification of EBICS. The EBICS standard is constantly being adapted to new requirements that by now originate not only from Germany but also from France and Switzerland as well. With the newest version 3.0 it is now possible to unify all the EBICS dialects spoken in the European market.

When it comes to technical and security-related aspects, customers expect the EBICS systems to be in-line with the current standard. However, this standard also has to support older versions, so that they can be used in parallel.


The EBICS standard affects various different systems:

  • EBICS bank server – for a seamless, secure communication between financial institutions and corporate customers
  • EBICS interbank – for the connection between financial institutions in electronic bulk payments
  • EBICS client automation – for reducing manual processes in the payments sector
  • EBICS portal – for enabling easy and fast EBICS payments for corporate customers
  • EBICS kernel for client software – the key element for integrating the EBICS standard

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Up-to-date with expertise of PPI

The EBICS specification is a binding standard for payments in Europe and continuous to be the subject of further development. Security requirements, technical features, growing transaction volumes and much more need to be considered.

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EBICS Bank Server

Perfection in the corporate customer business and electronic bulk payments

Financial institutions have to offer their corporate customers a secure, reliable communication channel via which they can execute their daily payments, handle cash management and exchange bank-technical documents. The European protocol standard EBICS for the communication between companies and financial institutions requires an EBICS server, which defines order types or the more recent unified business transactions.

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EBICS Interbank

Set for expansion – changes in interbank payments

International payments clearing and the related communication with clearing houses is now also possible in accordance to the EBICS standard, as long as both partners support EBICS in the interbank communication. Thanks to special EBICS order types as well as encrypted and signed direct communication, payments can be transferred rapidly in public networks.

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EBICS Portal

Connecting EBICS customers

The first goal of EBICS was to establish a common basis for the communication with corporate customers. By now, the diversity among the respective customer applications has grown significantly and requires extensive individual adaptations. An EBICS portal ensures that all participants use the current version of EBICS. In addition, it guarantees downward compatibility.

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EBICS Kernel for Client Software

Standard API for EBICS communication

Software providers who focus on the development of corporate customer products for payments, cash management and account analysis require a communication access to the various financial institutions. For a long time, these were individual interfaces, thus each financial institution had to be connected individually. The EBICS protocol offers a new interface that has the potential to become a pan-European standard.

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EBICS client automation

Automating processes in the corporate customer business

Corporate customers do not want their comprehensive daily payments to be executed manually by their employees, instead they should be automated as far as possible. Often the last piece for the communication between corporate customers and financial institutions is missing. There is, however, no question on one thing: each financial institution must be connected the same way. An EBICS client can help with that.

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Migration and implementation projects

Individually adapted and flexible!

For over 30 years PPI AG has developed and realised excellent IT solutions for the national and international financial market. Our standard payment products hold a leading position in Europe. When working with us, our customers appreciate that we implement our products and solutions in their respective environment – irrespective of whether the migration to an alternative system, a completely new IT solution or the initial implementation of a service have to be realised.

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